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What We Do

We Connect People with Opportunities

Jobseeker Company, founded in February 2022, aims to connect people with various opportunities and create a reliable economic ecosystem. Our platform empowers individuals by linking them to opportunities matching their skills.

We go beyond traditional employment, focusing on innovative solutions for compliance management. Our approach, driven by technology, collaboration, and empowerment, seeks to positively transform lives and contribute meaningfully to the economic landscape.

Our Market

Employment in Asia Pacific1.9 BillionTotal employment and employment-to-population ration, 2005-2022Our Market Chart
Left Axis: Total employment (in billion)
Total employment to population ratio (% right hand axis)
First MarketIndonesia
Indonesia mapIndonesia will be our first market with more than 75 million workforces who are junior high school graduates to diplomas.Let’s Start Here
The Indonesian Workforce Based on Education The total workforce in 2019 has reached 136.18 million people with 129.36 million working residents, both in the formal and informal sectors.

Our Product

For Candidates

We help candidates in Indonesia find the best opportunities and maximize their potential with our social recruitment platform.


Jobseeker App is recruitment platform with social media format that simplifies the process for job seekers especially non-white-collar workers in Indonesia to get a job that suits their skills and experience in no time. It’s like a job dating app.

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For Employer

We assist companies, ranging from SMEs to large corporates, with technologies that provide them ease in human resource recruiting and upskilling.


Recruitment Module

Hire high quality candidates from your own talent pool with a customized job portal powered by our Applicant Tracking System.

Management & Empowering Module

Monitoring performance, managing employees, developing employees through planned activities, analyzing and planning the workforce.


Talent Augmentation

Augment your team with proficient professionals for specified durations and utilize our skilled talent for particular projects without making long term commitments.

Executive Search

Support your recruiting team in attracting talented individuals or managing large-scale recruitment to facilitate your business expansion in Indonesia.

Software Development Augmentation (SDA)

We are experts in designing responsive websites for medium to complex projects and turning your ideas into dynamic mobile apps with advanced features

HR Consulting

Maximize your company's success starting from the HR Division. Our expert team is ready to become your trusted HR partner, providing reliable consultation to overcome every HR challenge your company faces.


Jobseeker Partners Facilitates SMEs owner in Indonesia in finding the right employee to support their business growth.

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